Fairfax Over-reacts. Alan Kohler & News Limited Getting It Right.

I am a subscriber to the Eureka Report almost from inception, to the Adelaide Advertiser, and for a long time to the Financial Review.

Affordable, timely comment by quality journalists, and focused on the needs of retail investors, the Eureka Report is totally online. Readers print the articles of particular interest and relevance.

With Adelaide Now, News Limited in South Australia is catering for both print and internet readers 

So too is Fairfax with high quality papers and websites in the SMH, The Age, and The Financial Review. But one can only fear for their future if they dispense with the services of so many quality journalists in the next three years.

The Financial Review has long restricted access to its online edition to readers with newspaper subscriptions. In common with others who lacked the time to read the paper, I eventually terminated my subscription.

Kim Williams I think is getting it right when he sees a continuing demand for the printed page. The computer screen is fine for scanning news headlines, but when it comes to digesting an informative article, a printed page is invaluable. Internet surfers have access to worldwide news outlets; only with quality content will consumers be willing to subscribe to any one with so many competing websites. Pop-up ads are a curse. Just hovering over links so often brings them up. Then there are frustrations with maintaining internet connections.

It may be that it will be “nitwit bloggers” as Marcus Padley called us, who will ensure the future of online news-media.

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