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The last year has been tough for all shareholders in CSR, as it has been for the company itself with a decline in building constructions, a high Australian dollar, low aluminium prices, and a glass business Viridian which has been losing money in the face of stiff competition. Furthermore the introduction of the carbon tax may be a cause for further concern.

It is pleasing therefore to see the appearance of quality substantial shareholder Dimensional on the register,  whilst Allan Gray Australia Pty Ltd, has been increasing his shareholdings; other substantial shareholders include Perpetual Limited, National Australia Bank and its associated companies, Black Rock Investment Management (Australia) Limited, and UBS AG and its related bodies.

As a cyclical stock, recovery may be some time coming, but at 11% dividend yield at present, assett backing of $2.32, and no debt, it should be attractive as an income stock for retail investors at the present share-price of $1.18.

My interest is CSR stems from my concern as a shareholder over the share-price free-fall, and my need to make a decision as to whether to take my losses, or to hold on for better times. The quality of the shareholding is encouraging.

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