Heaven Scent

Heavenly Scented Daphne

Daphne is native to the Northern Hemisphere, but is temptingly quite commonly sold in nurseries here in Australia.

When in flower it has a most tantalizingly delicate aroma that more than compensates for the relative insignificance of its small sessile flowers clustered near the leaf tips, but also extending along its branches.

Our past efforts to grow Daphne have only been temporarily successful. I think drying in our harsh Australian summers has been a factor, and at times we may have over-watered; it needs good drainage.

This plant is now five years old and flowering beautifully. It appears to be still thriving but many leaves are yellowish, perhaps from insufficient nitrogen. It is in a fairly sheltered position, where I have placed a lot of gravel for drainage, since it is at the foot of a steep bank.

I have had to stake the main branch for support as the shrub is quite spindly, and I am apprehensive about over pruning.

I would appreciate suggestions and comments from anyone with experience growing Daphne, especially here in Australia!

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