Unwelcomed Life Tax

Life is Mysterious

When life is unfair, how to deal with fines for being alive? How do you best respond to life's unjust setbacks?  You're minding your own business. Taken all due precautions.  You have not had any mental lapse, been responsible and conscientious and certainly, haven't hurt anyone, or done anything wrong.  In a word, you're innocent…. 

Then, out of the blue, someone at the supermarket abruptly turns into your aisle, sneezes in your face–and you end up with a bad case of flu. Or dutifully following a traffic signal, you stop at a light that just turned red–and are promptly rear-ended. Or you meticulously plan a family re-union picnic–only to see the special occasion ruined by a most unseasonable, and never forecast, storm. Or jogging at twilight, listening to your i-pod, you trip on a barely visible sidewalk crack–and fracture an ankle. Or your broker who came highly recommended from…

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