Ten Bags Full, an innovative new research tool for retail investors

This is a new website designed to assist retail investors searching amongst the small cap speculative end of the market for the elusive stocks that will return a ten-fold return on their investment. Such speculators  are indispensable participants in the market, facilitating the raising of venture capital for a host of diverse enterprises.

Ten Bags Full provides potential investors with an excellent research facility. Immediate notice of new ASX announcements  on the stocks  followed, is combined with a facility to summarize the announcement, and post an Impact statement on its relevance to the company’s prospects. Another tool facilitates the setting of price targets with the ability to make and follow predictions of future price movement. There is also easy access to the research facilities of Yahoo Finance and the ASX. This summarized research data is then available for the benefit of other members who can then make comments, and exchange viewpoints.

As a retiree my super plan restricts my investment in speculative stocks. TBF is a great facility however for me to find and evaluate a select few such stocks for investment in my own name. The research tools have been of most value to me however in assessing and monitoring the stocks in my super-fund portfolio. I am of the opinion that it is unwise to both make and accept stock-tips. This is the province of professional analysts, and even then, we should check their recommendations with our own personal investigations.

For this reason I refrain from pontificating on this blog about individual stocks. I do however make regular posts on the TBF website, and should anyone be so inclined they can gain access to my analyses, and those of other community members by logging in. Membership is free at this stage.

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  1. I have been reading your blog with interest for quite some time. It’s very good. I have one small suggestion to make and that is to delete the references to Tenbagsfull as it seems the website is no longer operational.


    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. I really appreciate your encouragement. I regret that Ten Bags Full has closed its excellent website, and will delete reference to it in the next few days. Thanks for the reminder. My very best wishes to you, Regards, Ken.

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