Surviving Without Her – The Husband

What would we do without our long suffering wives.


This post is in two parts which have been posted, more or less, simultaneously. But you won’t find the second part on this blog. Instead (if you’ve not already done so), you will have to hop over to my daughter’s blog justathirdculturekid and read “surviving without her – the Daughter’” there.

It’s not the first time and I doubt very much that it will be the last, but my wife has left me.

Is it that my ADHD has driven her to distraction or the fact that I call her ‘wifey’ all the time on this blog (and, in fact, quite often in real life too)? Or is that I fail to remember to be romantic and make sure my wife feels attractive and wanted? Or perhaps it is because I spend too long with my nose glued to this laptop and that I go “uh huh…

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  1. Indeed what would we do?! Thanks for reblogging! Best wishes 🙂

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