Aussie Sharemarket Barometer

[COMMENT: What a load of cods wallop!! Super fund members rewarded for hanging on!??…. The super fund performances in recent months are rewarding!!  BUT, are these commentators forgetting about the walloping that investors’ funds received in 2008? And many funds are still below their value of 5 years ago!! That’s nothing to crow about! The printed AFR edition version of this article included a league table of many super funds, highlighting the great fund performance for the last ONE YEAR; but it also showed the dismal performances of 10 years! (all around the 5%, 6%, or 7% level). Sadly the online version of this article does not include the table.]

(30 Jan 2013, AFR, p19, Sally Patten)

‘It is a salutary lesson from Samuelson, an American economist and author of one of the best-selling economics textbooks of all time. Superannuation fund members who heeded the lesson during the tech…

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