Third Time Lucky? Aussie Market focus May 31, 2013.

? Third time lucky

? Third time lucky


ASX is still struggling to stay above the half- way mark in recovering from the GFC

After finally reaching a high at 5250 the XJO has faltered in its upward climb but is continuing to find support at around 4950. This is encouraging at least. Breaking support would be a gloomy prospect for investors hoping that the Australian market will eventually match the USA in finding new highs above the pre-GFC peak.


Uptrend is still intact

Uptrend is still intact


Uptrend still intact

The weekly chart above shows that in spite of the falls of the past two weeks, the uptrend will remain intact if there are no further declines below this past week’s low at 4898, and the previous low at 4884. The fall for the week was 56.6 points, continuing the impulsive move lower of the previous week, an alarming 197 points

Downward momentum losing steam

Downward momentum losing steam


?Time for a new impulsive move higher to emerge.

The daily chart shows how the move lower has lost momentum this past week. Although Thursday May 30 the ASX 200   fell below support at 4590, the fall was arrested still above the last low at 4883.7.

The candlestick appearance for Friday May 31 has a small real body with a longish upward shadow forming pretty-well a gravestone Doji.

This suggests that buyers started to bid prices higher, but lost confidence that it was time for a rally when sellers gained the ascendancy.

It would seem likely that indecision will persist into next week, but one would expect that a rally will soon emerge.








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