Technically Speaking – A Twelve Month Old Blog

Technically Speaking, reached  its first birthday milestone this month. At first it was a single  website  pre-occupying the author as he recovered from surgery, but in time he expanded it to three blogs, reflecting three disparate goals.

The second blog, titled “This Everyday Australian” enabled him to contribute to debate on various topical issues.

The last blog, “Life After Work” is a hotchpotch of posts, some original. others re-blogged from various sites, on subjects that the author has found of interest, sometimes but not always slanted to the perspective of a retiree.

These blogs are like a diary the author can browse from time to time to refresh his memory on events that have in the past excited his interest. Of greatest concern to him in the past year has been the safety of retiree savings.

Three posts have highlighted media reports of the loss of superannuation money in Banksia Securities, Wickham Securities and the Bookmakers’ Super Fund. The most disturbing of them was the dishonest misappropriation of moneys in the still frozen Bookmakers’ Super Fund.

The public is rarely made aware of the outcomes of investigations by the regulatory authorities into such financial collapses. Predictably retirement savings are never recovered, and such disasters keep occurring.  The UK has announced regulatory changes for superannuation investments. What is Australia doing?

The Author wishes to thank those who have kindly visited and contributed to his blogs.



Comment submitted on 2013/05/21 at 9:53 am

Hello Mr. Robson;

I just read you article (I found the link while trying to find the Bookmakers super fund phone number) .

I could not agree with you more with what you wrote in your article .Myself and countless others were swindled by this so called Fund .. Personally I lost close to $400.000.00 . I still have funds frozen in the fund and they have dwindled from $180.000.00 to just $95.000.00 the last time I checked .

One reads about this things happening to other people and feel sorry for them .Now it happened to me.

..Personally I don’t think I’ll ever see a cent of  what is left of my funds .

Kind regards





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