Healthscope under the microscope

Healthscope Healthcare operations were purchased by private equity firms TPG and Carlyle in 2010. (? about $1.7 billion) Under their administration operations have continued to grow and operating profit was reported this  month as having risen 14% to $177.1 million for six months to December 31.

CEO Robert Cooke is now actively examining options to realize profit on its investment:

  • The company could be re-floated on the ASX valuing the company at $5 billion, with key investors taking substantial positions, and the private equity firms retaining 25% equity.
  • Property assets could be spun off for over $1 billion
  • The hospital division could be sold and the company will consider bids.
  • Malaysia’s IHH Healthcare is currently considering a bid.
  • A portion of the private equity stake could be sold to sovereign-wealth fund.

Healthscope operates 33 hospitals, 4 psychiatric hospitals, and four rehabilitation facilities, together with medical clinics and provides extensive pathology services in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.


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