Sectors that dragged the All Ords down in 2014 – Chart reviews.

Finding the current best performing sector will certainly help investors improve their returns. but this is a less important goal than avoiding the worst  performing sector(s). Even when most sectors are healthy, the ones that aren’t will restrict returns. This was certainly true in 2014.

The five best performing sectors were:

  • XHJ (Healthcare) – with 21.75% increase in its index
  • XPJ (REITs) – 20.4%
  • XTJ (Telecommunications) – 14.56%
  • XUT (Utilities) – 9.9%
  • XNJ (Industrials) – 8.2%

Five laggards that would have been best shunned in the second half of the year were:

XMM (Metals & Mining) – Down 20.75%

XEJ (Energy) – Down 14.86%

XMJ (Materials) – Down 14.5%

XEC (Emerging Companies) – Down 12.56%

XSJ (Consumer staples) – Down 8.4%

Four other sectors:

  • XGJ (Gold) –  Up 7.9%
  • XFJ (Financial) – Up 6.5%
  • XIJ (Information technology) – Up 5.56%
  • XDJ (Consumer Discretionary) – Down 4.25%

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