All Markets Positively Correlated. Weekly Report, week ended Friday, 20 March, 2015.

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1.Australian Market: Weekly Sector Performance Chart.

2.Australian Market: Weekly Sector Performance Chart for Alternative Investments.

3.Australian Market. XJO – Monthly Chart

4.Australian Market. XJO – Weekly Chart

5.Australian Market. XJO – Daily Chart

6.Australian Market: Health and Telecoms.

7.Australian Market: Improvers – Materials and Consumer Discretionary

8.Australian Market: Alternatives – IOO and IEM

9.US$, Commodities, BHP.

10.America: SP500

11.Summary and Conclusion

12.Appendix 1 – Diversified Portfolio, Criteria for holding stocks. A Work in Progress.

13.Appendix 2 – Performance Chart of the DP compared to XJO.


Indi Perf

XAO was up strongly this week, +2.56%. Ten S&P Sectors were up. The best performing sector was XFJ (Financials), up +3.93%. That was well ahead of the next best which was XTJ (Telecoms), up +2.46%. The worst performer was XDJ (Consumer Discretionary), up only 0.2%.

The big outperformance by the XFJ has skewed results. XAO has performed better than…

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