Immunotherapy! Watch this biotech space!!!

It would seem that across the world many medical researchers are making significant advances in the treatment of illnesses that have plagued mankind, and resisted control. Bacterial infections almost became a thing of the past with the development of antibiotics, but many virus infections have proved to be recalcitrant to eradication.

The greatest enemy however, striking victims not just in old age, but often in the prime of life, and tragically, even in childhood, is undoubtedly CANCER in its many manifestations.

In cancer the body immune defences are compromised. Cancer cells are regarded as part of “self”, no different to any other normal body cell and are not attacked. As a result they continue to multiple uncontrollably to the detriment of non-cancer tissues.

A new direction of treatment is now emerging on many fronts, most coming under the umbrella of the term “Immunotherapy”.

The thrust of the treatments is to boost the immunological response and to “train” the body to be able to recognise cancer cells as foreign, and to attack them.

Here in Australia we are familiar with the work of Professor Ian Frazer in his achievement of a vaccine for the prevention of cancer of the cervix. Now he is working on techniques for boosting immunity in patients with intractable genital herpes, and for the treatment of women with existing cervical cancer.

Another highly promising advance is now creating a sensation in the management of metastatic melanoma, even although the cost is so high at about $20,000 per month. I may not be an authority about biotech stocks, but I do have a good understanding of melanoma, having treated many patients surgically in 40 years of medical practice.

This is a reference to an article worth reading and pondering. I’m sure we will hear a lot more about the various clinical trials that are being conducted in the months to come. Just watch this space.!!

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