IQ3 Corp

IQ3 Corp is not to be confused with Foxtel’s latest entertainment sensation – an updated, more versatile set-top box. IQ3 Corp should change its name at listing in my opinion to avoid confusion.

This new chum stock about to be listed on the ASX came to my attention after reading a post on the up-market Traders’ Community website “Ten Bags Full”.

The IPO date has not yet been set to my knowledge, nor has it been decided in which sector it will be listed. The company started up three years ago (September 2012) with seed capital from board members, and key shareholders.

Corporate strategy

IQ3 seeks to act as a financial adviser to listed and unlisted stocks in the Life Science sector.. The Directors expertise lies in the areas of financial advice, capital raising, corporate strategies, and marketing. They will draw on expert medical advice when needed. A major focus will be underwriting for capital raisings.

Purpose of listing and corporate vision.

Piggy-backing on the Biotech/ Life Science sectors.

The offer

IQ3 is seeking to raise $4.4 million at 30 cents/ share to a total of 14,666.667 shares.

Securities on issue prior to the float include 100.783,334 shares, 2,145,000 convertible shares, and 7,150,000 options.

The money raised in the listing will be used to: (paraphrased)

  • to allow leading shareholders to reduce their exposure (e.g. from approximately 25% to 20% for Dr George Syrmalis, and Mr Spiro Sakiris), and to provide them with liquidity to buy and sell shares as needed.
  • to provide capital for building its profile, marketing and operational needs.
  • to cover the costs of the listing.
  • to create a corporate structure for further fund raisings.

Disclaimer and Comment

This post seeks only to make investors aware of a niche business opportunity to support stocks in the Life Science sector.

In recent years interest in Biotech and Life Science stocks has grown despite the risks. There is a high failure rate of stocks using venture capital to fund valuable medical research and expensive clinical trials. As a result, brokers sensibly target larger retail and institutional investors rather than  those who can ill-afford to loose capital.

It is important therefore for readers to seek independent advice from their financial advisers, as to the suitability of this and similar products.

At this time I do not have any shares in IQ3, but will reconsider this decision at a later date. In my opinion there have been of late exciting developments especially in the areas of genetic manipulation, and in immunotherapy to strengthen body immune mechanisms. Progress is being made which may result in control of many cancers , and the eradication of some viral illnesses.

The success of Biotech and Life-Science stocks may be greatly enhanced by sound financial and medical advice, and the underwriting of capital raisings.

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