Chart Review – Altium (ALU)

Information technology stock Altium was one of the best stock performers in 2016. The writer is neither a shareholder, nor a qualified stockbroker or adviser. A yearly chart is presented based on Metastock software with data provided by Paritech Inc. for the benefit of those with an interest in Technical Analysis. Readers should always do their own homework, and seek professional investment advice tailored to their specific situation.
Altium Limited is an Australian owned public software company that provides PC-based electronics design software for engineers. Wikipedia
Stock price: ALU (ASX) $8.10 -0.10 (-1.22%)
4 Jan., 11:54 am AEDT – Disclaimer
Revenue: 100 million USD (2016)
Founded: 1985
ALU 2016.png
Although the share price is at present in a downtrend, coming off a high of $10 per share, the retracement has lifted up off the steady uptrend of 2016, and has respected support at $7.50. The upward re-rating of the share price in the past year has drawn impetus from a strong audited financial result for the year ending 30 June 2016, released 24/08/2016.

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