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I studied at Adelaide Boys' High School, and the University of Adelaide, Medical School. graduating in 1961. My field of specialisation was Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Prior to establishing my practice in Adelaide, I spent 5 years working in India, and Papua-New Guinea, in the field of reconstructive surgery for leprosy.
In retirement I joined the Australian Technical Analyst Association and passed the two examinations for a Diploma inTechnical Analysis, and the designation Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) by the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

  • AMP Limited

    The first round of hearings of The Banking Royal Commission commenced on the13th March 2018 and in the 6 weeks since then it is finance management company AMP that has been more severely impacted by adverse revelations, than the big… Read More ›

  • CSL Limited

      CSL Limited has rarely disappointed retail shareholders with a simple buy and hold strategy, even when other stocks were being savaged as in the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Yet the share-price trajectory of CSL is not always upwards. Inevitably… Read More ›

  • How much more upside to Woodside?

    The Metastock chart below has been divided into four zones of price action by four perceived horizontal support/ resistance levels. Of the four, only zone 1 could be regarded as constituting a conventional trading zone with about 6 months of… Read More ›

  • Ten Years of Telstra

    The privatisation of Telstra was a financial bonanza for the Howard/ Costello  government. The first tranche alone, selling 33% of the government’s telecommunications enterprises, raised A$14 billion for federal coffers. Presumably the total revenue raised topped $50 billion. Along with… Read More ›

  • Abbott’s Gotcha Turnbull, Gimmick!

    It matters little that despite the drawback of incumbency, Malcolm Turnbull has stayed ahead of Bill Shorten as preferred Prime Minister since the last election. Nor is it relevant, it would seem, that the weekly Roy Morgan polls with a… Read More ›

  • All Ordinaries Index (XAO) Update

    In this post are 2 yearly charts of the All Ordinaries Index, the first from Incredible Charts, the second from Metastock using Paritech data. They look back on the extraordinary two day fall of the ASX on the 5th and… Read More ›

  • The A2 Milk Company chart review

    This is a 12 month daily candlestick chart of the New Zealand born A2 Milk Company, provided by Metastock and using data supplied by Paritech. The difference between A1 and A2 milk is limited to one amino-acid, histidine instead of… Read More ›

  • NXTDC chart review

      NXTDC, provider of 8 IT data centres in 5 major Australian cities, enjoyed stellar appreciation of its share-price from $4.02 on the 24/07/17, to a high of $7.85 on the 23/02/18. The 12 month candlestick daily chart by Metastock… Read More ›

  • CBA

    This is a monthly candlestick chart of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia depicting the growth of the share-price since 1997, courtesy of Metastock and Paritech data.  After forming a head and shoulder pattern in 2014 and 2015. the share-price rallied… Read More ›

  • Woodside Petroleum

    On this daily chart of Australian oil giant Woodside petroleum, the share price looks to have consolidated in an earlier trading range between $27.90 and $29.60. An uptrend looks to be emerging within this consolidation pattern, and the share price… Read More ›