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I studied at Adelaide Boys' High School, and the University of Adelaide, Medical School. graduating in 1961. My field of specialisation was Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Prior to establishing my practice in Adelaide, I spent 5 years working in India, and Papua-New Guinea, in the field of reconstructive surgery for leprosy.
In retirement I joined the Australian Technical Analyst Association and passed the two examinations for a Diploma inTechnical Analysis, and the designation Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) by the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

  • A Dollar Saved is as Good as a Dollar Earned!

    Good trading decisions  often need to be counter-intuitive. Novice investors/traders frequently find it almost impossible to take a timely loss when the price falls below entry. The intuitive response is to maintain long positions thinking that that the share price will soon rebound. The bettter decision is to… Read More ›

  • Judge Not

    I was shocked, confused, bewildered As I entered Heaven’s door, Not by the beauty of it all, Or its light or its decor. But it was the folks in Heaven Who made me splutter and gasp. The thieves, the liars,… Read More ›

  • Not just a sympathy vote!

    Rachael Leahcar, a lovely 18 year old Adelaide girl, and former student at Brighton High School, has reached the final of Channel 9’s Voice competition, together with Karise Eden, Darren Percival and Sarah De Bono. Her cheerfulness, and determination not to… Read More ›