IQ3 Corp

IQ3 Corp is not to be confused with Foxtel’s latest entertainment sensation – an updated, more versatile set-top box. IQ3 Corp should change its name at listing in my opinion to avoid confusion. This new chum stock about to be… Read More ›

Sirtex surmisings!

Can a stock become too successful for its own good? There can be only one objective measure by which the success of any company can be measured. The share-price. For Warren Buffet’s corporate world the answer to this question may… Read More ›

Westpac’s Gail (Kelly) ends her love affair!

No not her love affair with Paediatrician husband of 37 years to whom she has had four children. Their loving relationship is still very much intact. Gail Kelly announcing her intended retirement in February 2015 Yes she has had… Read More ›