Linc Energy Part II – Agreement with Wildhorse Energy for Projects in Hungary and Central Europe 24 February 2014 WILDHORSE ENERGY LIMITED SIGNS BINDING HEADS OF AGREEMENT WITH LINC ENERGY LIMITED RE UCG ASSETS Wildhorse Energy (‘WHE’ or ‘the Company’), the AIM and ASX listed company focussed on developing underground coal gasification (‘UCG’) and uranium projects… Read More ›

The Spin Meme

Meme, pronounced ‘meem’, to rhyme with gene, is a term coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene” to describe the spread of ideas and behaviours within a culture. My blog “Technically Speaking”‘ has hardly been a sensational… Read More ›

Prana’s technology Part I

Disclaimer The purpose of this post is to document for those interested some aspects of the research undertaken on Prana Biotechnology’s principal product PBT2 for treating Alzheimer’s disease. Due to the complexity and technical content of the references, my limited… Read More ›

Suda Who?

Disclaimer The research facility and trader forum website “Ten Bags Full” has reviewed a little known pharmaceutical company named Suda Limited. This post seeks to provide possibly relevant information for potential investors. The opinions expressed are my own and not to be relied upon.  Readers should undertake their… Read More ›

Chart Review for XTEK

 XTEK Limited is a little known, poorly performing (at least for shareholders) company that has suddenly come into prominence following an upbeat CEO address from Brian Malcolm at yesterday’s (21 November 2013) Annual General Meeting. He portrays the company as… Read More ›