Which Way for the CBA Now?

Commonly used technical analysis tools, Fibonacci retracement and extension numbers, can be helpful  in monitoring appropriate entry and exit points for trending stocks. An earlier post dated February 14, 2013 set a target of $74 for bell-whether financial stock, the… Read More ›

A turn-around for TEN?

How wealthy is Gina Rinehart really? Estimates of Gina Rinehart’s wealth vary widely; all agree that she has been extraordinarily successful in growing the wealth she inherited from her father, the late Langley (Lang) Hancock. Writing in The Monthly May 2012 Nick Bryant pointed out… Read More ›

Wickham wilts

Property financier Wickham Securities’ investors hit by $30 million fall Liam Walsh and James McCullough The Courier Mail, January 22, 2013 Wickham Properties Pty Ltd was located in prestigious Wickham Tce., Brisbane whilst Wickham Financial Solutions had two… Read More ›

Banksia Securities goes into receivership Few Australians will have heard of Banksia Securities, and probably have little interest in learning that it went into receivership in October owing some 15,000 debenture holders $663 million. Unless of course they happen to have had money invested in the company themselves Australians who have retirement investments… Read More ›