Just in Time?

It has often been said that investment returns are the outcome of “time in the market”, not “timing of the market”. Stockbrokers may not be able to offer clients such advice, but when you think about it, timing  of the… Read More ›

Sector guessing for 2015

A “top-down” methodology may increase the quality of stock-picking,  but there is no guarantee that last year’s outperformers will be winners the next year. Indeed the most profitable securities are often those that have previously under-performed, and have been over-sold. This post presents the charts of… Read More ›


Historical This is post is not about evolutionary adaptation of an organism to its environment, or the ability to respond to differing circumstances in life. The ADAPT of this post is a copy-right process for rendering animal tissues (heterografts or xenografts) suitable… Read More ›