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Allo Admedus!

In the words of Alice in Wonderland, it all gets “Curioser and Curioser”. Admedus is a fledgling healthcare stock on course to make its mark globally, but the market is unconvinced that this will happen anytime soon. Time and again,… Read More ›

CSL – A chart review

Disclaimer This post  examines the present market standing of Australia’s leading Healthcare stock, CSL (Commonwealth Serums Laboratories) from a technical perspective. It should not be construed as constituting investment advice. Professional advisers should always be consulted for guidance specific to… Read More ›

XJO – When is it better not to sell in a falling market?

Disclaimer This post should be read in conjunction with two others I wrote last year discussing when to sell-down stocks in one’s portfolio in a falling market. The gist of the posts was that when there are serious… Read More ›

Timely Time Frames

Disclaimer: I have written this post from the perspective of a retail investor with an interest in technical analysis. It seeks to encourage thought, and self-criticism, about how investment results might be improved. I am not a professional financial adviser,… Read More ›