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IQ3 Corp

IQ3 Corp is not to be confused with Foxtel’s latest entertainment sensation – an updated, more versatile set-top box. IQ3 Corp should change its name at listing in my opinion to avoid confusion. This new chum stock about to be… Read More ›

Sirtex surmisings!

Can a stock become too successful for its own good? There can be only one objective measure by which the success of any company can be measured. The share-price. For Warren Buffet’s corporate world the answer to this question may… Read More ›

2015 starts shakily

Investors who were looking forward to some New Year optimism dispelling the gloomy note that ended 2014, would have been disappointed with the start to the year, and particularly the last week, when the All Ordinaries fell 161 points or 3%. The XAO… Read More ›

TNG Update

  In a previous post a month ago (Dec 13, 2014) I suggested that my personal plan at that time for this NT mining company, if investing (I didn’t), was to buy at 8.3 cents, and pyramid my holding after the share-price… Read More ›

Sector guessing for 2015

A “top-down” methodology may increase the quality of stock-picking,  but there is no guarantee that last year’s outperformers will be winners the next year. Indeed the most profitable securities are often those that have previously under-performed, and have been over-sold. This post presents the charts of… Read More ›