AMP Limited

The first round of hearings of The Banking Royal Commission commenced on the13th March 2018 and in the 6 weeks since then it is finance management company AMP that has been more severely impacted by adverse revelations, than the big… Read More ›

CSL Limited

  CSL Limited has rarely disappointed retail shareholders with a simple buy and hold strategy, even when other stocks were being savaged as in the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Yet the share-price trajectory of CSL is not always upwards. Inevitably… Read More ›

Ten Years of Telstra

The privatisation of Telstra was a financial bonanza for the Howard/ Costello  government. The first tranche alone, selling 33% of the government’s telecommunications enterprises, raised A$14 billion for federal coffers. Presumably the total revenue raised topped $50 billion. Along with… Read More ›