CBA Chart Review.

Disclaimer: I am not qualified to give appropriate financial advice, and do not attempt to do so. I am qualified as a technical analyst and this post seeks to share information of a technical nature with other retail investors. This… Read More ›

XJO – When is it better not to sell in a falling market?

Disclaimer This post should be read in conjunction with two others I wrote last year discussing when to sell-down stocks in one’s portfolio in a falling market. https://technicality.me/2015/08/25/what-do-you-do-when-the-market-goes-backwards/ https://technicality.me/2015/12/17/the-best-time-to-act-a-chart-review-of-slater-and-gordon/ The gist of the posts was that when there are serious… Read More ›

Just in Time?

It has often been said that investment returns are the outcome of “time in the market”, not “timing of the market”. Stockbrokers may not be able to offer clients such advice, but when you think about it, timing  of the… Read More ›