Bull and bear in front of the Frankfurt Stock ...

Bull and bear in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You won’t find stock tips in these pages.  This may disappoint you but you should realize that good stock recommendations take into account individual  client needs and wishes, including risk tolerance. Furthermore you should acquire stocks to build a balanced long-term investment portfolio with an appropriate blend of low-risk income stocks, and growth stocks with greater potential for capital gains.

Never give or rely on the tips of others not qualified to give them. Always do you own research before accepting even professional recommendations. You will undoubtedly find it hard to understand much of the material you will unearth, but look on it as an opportunity to learn. Remember to look at the broad picture after assembling the detail under headings such as:

A blog on technical analysis cannot but feature charts; hence the many Chart Review and Analysis posts.They are presented to draw the attention of retail investors to well-recognized technical features, particularly those associated with a change in trend. This may assist readers to better time their investments.

Some of these will feature stocks randomly chosen from the ASX 300; others will be on stocks hitting the headlines. Most will be stocks with which I am familiar, and may have had at some time an exposure, or had a reason to consider for investment.

My posts are not a recommendation for buying or selling. They just attempt to highlight the value and the limitations of technical analysis, and to encourage it’s greater use.

To open an investment position without examining the relevant charts is like purchasing a house without looking inside

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