TNG Update

  In a previous post a month ago (Dec 13, 2014) I suggested that my personal plan at that time for this NT mining company, if investing (I didn’t), was to buy at 8.3 cents, and pyramid my holding after the share-price… Read More ›

Entree Aveo.

FKP Property This 12 month Daily Chart, shows that in the last six months a strong impulsive move higher of the share-price has finally brought to an end three years of shareholder misery, as the share-price languished lower from $4.74… Read More ›

Chart analysis for Crown 16/01/2013

  TA landmarks Earliest data December 2007                       High was $15 Most recent data, January 2013                 Close 15/01/13 was $11.64 Low following GFC was $4.18 in November 2008 Dominant trading pattern was a trading range between $7.32 and $9.44, for three… Read More ›