Technical Analysis

CSR Limited

There is a memorable trading epigram that although lacking in rationale, seems to often prove empirically to be good advice. “Sell in May and go away” No one knows who coined the saying and why, but it may have come… Read More ›

AGL Energy Limited

  As shown in the Metastock candlestick chart below, (with ASX data supplied by Paritech), AGL Energy has proved to be an excellent portfolio selection for retail investors, rising from a low of $12.55 on the 12/12/2014, to a high… Read More ›

NXTDC chart review

  NXTDC, provider of 8 IT data centres in 5 major Australian cities, enjoyed stellar appreciation of its share-price from $4.02 on the 24/07/17, to a high of $7.85 on the 23/02/18. The 12 month candlestick daily chart by Metastock… Read More ›